Happy Crafting!

Here's my current knitting project; a jumper knitting from the neck down which means no seams!

Knitting has hit the press recently as being a wonderful therapy that encourages mindfulness and relaxation. I can thoroughly vouch for this. Not a day goes by when I don't knit; if I haven't added at least a few rows before bed then the day doesn't quite feel finished!

Yarn, however, isn't just for knitting. The other obvious choice is crochet but I'm talking about weaving. Weaving different textured yarns into a piece of fabric is fascinating. It's rhythm is soothing and the mere fact that you can produce a piece of fabric so quickly (on a rigid heddle loom) compared to knitting is astonishing. If I were to knit a shawl it would take me a good two to three weeks of evenings, depending on the complexity of the pattern of course. A woven shawl? Well, I can get one of those made in a day! I know making your own things shouldn't necessarily be about speed but it just fascinates me how fast a piece of woven fabric can grow. Good news for someone who has just set up a business producing hand woven goodies!

As a new business I've rapidly realised that I need to think ahead and plan for the upcoming seasons, so I am currently playing with different yarns for spring/summer scarves. Who doesn't love a light weight scarf to give a spring or summer outfit a lift; and let's face it, in this country we often need a summer scarf for warmth too!

The yarn I've been playing with is Katia Spring Rainbow - lovely name isn't it? These Katia cotton mix yarns are proving to be an absolute dream to work with and where they gradually move from one colour to another, this is allowing me to have fun with colour as well as produce a soft, light weight scarf.

Let me show you - the ball of yarn pictured moves from a green/yellow mix to yellow/purple, purple/orange then to orange/blue. A bonkers mix when you read it on paper but it somehow works when you look at it.

I set up the warp threads (that's the long ones) taking the yarn from the middle of the ball (actually these type of balls are called cakes - what's not to love about working with something called 'yarn cake'?!) then I started the weft (that's the short side to side threads) from the outside of the cake producing a really pretty piece of fabric. I say 'producing' because it's still on the loom as I write. I'll let you know when it's finished and show what it looks like.

So, if you're looking to learn something new to help with relaxation and mindfulness, perhaps learn to knit or invest in a small hand loom (I got mine at flockontheplain.com).

Happy crafting!


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