How it all started!

Small hand loom

Who would have thought that a two hour hand weaving workshop could create such an overwhelming flurry of creativity?! A wonderful new yarn shop called Flock on the Plain has opened up only a short drive from me (very dangerous for a self-confessed yarn addict!). Gorgeous skeins of squidgy yarn can be found here, beautifully hand dyed by the lovely Gina who also runs crafty workshops. It is here that I learnt to weave on this little hand loom (pictured right); and I've rapidly progressed to a rigid heddle loom.

Rigid heddle loom (post weaving)

Weaving is so much fun! It's amazing how the colours and textures all come together in totally unexpected ways. Unlike knitting (which is my first love) it is very hard to tell exactly how the yarns will look when woven together. I've learnt that the warp (that's the long threads) can completely dominate the weft (that's the short side to side threads); and don't try using fluffy yarn on the warp! I got in a right old pickle with my first scarf! There I was, all proud and pleased with myself because I had successfully set up my new loom for the first time; I sat down to weave, all excited that I was actually going to make a thing and the warp threads were so hairy they stuck to each other and I had to separate them out by hand instead of the heddle doing the job (the heddle is the bit with the plastic lines sticking up, pictured left).

Learning is all part of the fun; discovering what each yarn will look like when woven is addictive. My extensive yarn stash (thank you Pins and Needles, Devizes) will now be woven into wraps, cushion covers and eventually coordinating placemats. I'm loving this weaving so much that I decided to turn it into a full time business. If you fancy a hand woven item for yourself or as a gift for someone (we do have Mothers' Day approaching - what could be better than a snuggly wrap to keep the chill off?) give me a shout and I'd be happy to discuss colours/size etc. For now though, I need to crack on with a commissioned piece of a beautiful wrap in soft pinks and greys. Then I need to get to work designing so I can use up that stash!

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