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Hi, I'm Clare and I love to create things and stuff! I've been a knitter for I don't know how long and I also crochet. My favourite things to make?... Well, there's nothing quite like a home-knitted jumper to keep you cosy when it's chilly; and a crocheted blanket will not only brighten up the back of your sofa, it also keeps you toasty in the evening (when I'm making more things!) Knitted and crocheted toys are also a favourite.

As well as the woolly pursuits, I've recently become interested in sewing; I'm very much a novice but learning all about a new craft is half the fun!

My third passion is baking; who doesn't love a freshly baked loaf of bread or batch of melt in the mouth muffins?!

I'm going to use this site as a gallery of my makes and maybe throw in the odd blog post too; some of the knitted and woven things (I forgot to mention I weave as well) will be for sale, so send me a message if you see something you like the look of. But, mostly, just have fun looking and hopefully get inspired to have a go yourself! :)

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